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   Hangzhou Jiupeng New Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research and development and application of nano-new materials technology. The company has established cooperation with Zhejiang University, Tsinghua University and other well-known universities and enterprises at home and abroad to develop and produce. It has formed advanced elite echelons such as specialists, undergraduates, masters and doctors, specializing in research and development of new materials.

Hangzhou Jiupeng New Materials Co., Ltd. has research and development centers in the fields of nano environmental protection treatment series, nano polishing polishing series, nano acid and alkali resistant high temperature resistant special coating series, nano antibacterial mildew series, nano high purity oxide series, etc. .

The company's existing products: nano acid and alkali resistant high temperature anticorrosive series of coatings, polishing powder series, nano titanium dioxide series, nano antibacterial agent (powder), 3Y/5Y/8Y zirconia and nano zirconia series, nano alumina series (including High purity and ultrafine), nano silica series, nano cerium oxide series, nano zinc oxide series, nano magnesium oxide, nano copper oxide, nano ATO series, nano rare earth series, etc. More than 100 products.

 The company's nano acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, anticorrosive series of coatings have been used in chimney anti-corrosion of energy-consuming units such as power plants, steel non-ferrous smelting, coking, ships, etc., chemical, ship, dock and other anti-corrosion parts, reactors, tubes Instead of enamel lining, tetrafluoroethylene coating, Teflon coating, various anti-corrosion paints, the company's nano-powder has been used in information communication, aerospace, military, battery, paint, air treatment, Rubber, ink, plastics, cosmetics, food, medicine, clothing, polishing and other fields. Well received by domestic and foreign customers.

Based on the business philosophy of seeking truth and innovation, the company advocates the spirit of diligence and unity, and long-term commitment to technology development and application in the field of nano-products and new materials. Our goal:

(1) Providing world-class nano materials and new materials products to provide customers with quality services.

(2) Strict quality management system and comprehensive quality control to ensure that all products are quality products.

(3) Product technology strives for international leading, guides the trend of new materials, and accumulates independent intellectual property rights.

(4) An excellent team to create a better product for the world, to win a reputation and reputation, and to create a world-class brand of new materials.

Company website: http://www.jiupengap.com

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