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Nano-aluminum sol  CY14W Jiupeng

Nano-aluminum sol  CY14W Jiupeng
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Nano Aluminum Sol

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Product introduction

Aluminium sols generally sold on the international market with a pH of 4 or higher have an acid gas released during use that is ten times lower than an acidic aluminum sol having a pH of 2-3. For a long time, China has been researching and developing aluminum sol products with a pH value of 4 or above. Most of the manufacturers are in the trial production stage, but the products produced are generally milky white paste, and the particle size of the rubber particles is still at the micron level.

In order to shorten the gap with the international level, our company uses high-purity aluminum alcohol as raw material to hydrolyze aluminum alkoxide to form AlOOH, and uses acid as a solvent to carry out gelation. A variety of gelatinous particles with a pH of 4-7 have been developed. The aluminum sol product has a diameter of 10-60 nm and good transparency, and the product has more typical colloidal characteristics, and its appearance is a translucent to transparent viscous colloid. The microstructure of the rubber particles is feather-like, positively charged, non-toxic, odorless, non-volatile, non-flammable, and deactivated at high temperature to form activated alumina or high-purity alumina.




Liquid state

White translucent liquid

White translucent liquid

Molecular formula



Solid content%



PH value



Particle size   nm




The aluminum sol has the characteristics of adhesiveness, thixotropic property, easy dispersibility, water reversibility, suspension property, positive chargeability, adsorption property, stability and the like.


Can be widely used in petrochemical catalysts, aluminum silicate fibers and ceramics, high temperature resistant, refractory forming binders, ceramic enamel glaze additives, anti-static agents for texturing and electrostatic velvet flocking, textiles and Film-forming agents and antistatic agents for fiber processing, emulsifiers and stabilizers for precision-cast alumina castings, pigments and coatings, photographic paper surface treatment agents, greenhouse antifogging agents, water repellents, etc., can also be used for inorganic fibers. , activated alumina, high purity alumina, enamel, daily necessities, paper and other industries.

1. The aluminum sol can be used as an adhesive for inorganic fibers such as glass fibers, asbestos, and ceramic fibers, and can be formed into an arbitrary shape by utilizing the adhesiveness, film formability, and abrasion resistance of the aluminum sol.

2. It can be made into ceramic paper with aluminum sol and silicate fiber.

3. The aluminum sol is mixed with refractory powder or inorganic fiber to form a heat-resistant coating material of any viscosity, a cast refractory material and a spray material.

4. Adding to the manufacture of ceramic utensils will not reduce the new refractory energy of the raw materials, but also increase the strength of the green body, and can be made into various ceramic products.

5. In textile fibers, it can increase the smoothness, improve the impact resistance and improve the wear resistance.

6. Used in the paper industry to improve the smoothness, whiteness and humidity resistance of paper, and also as a processing paper surface treatment adhesive.

7. Can be used as cationic emulsifier

8. Can be used to prepare catalyst carrier or molecular sieve

9. Can be used for clear coating, fluorescent lamp coating, lamp coating

Packing: 25kg / barrel

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