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Nano aluminum sol

Nano aluminum sol
型号 : CY-L10B

Nano aluminum sol

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Product Introduction:

In order to shorten the gap with international standards, our company uses high-purity aluminum alcohol as raw material, hydrolyzes aluminum alcohol to generate AlOOH, and uses acid as a gel solvent for gelation. We have developed various aluminum sol products with pH values of 4-7, particle sizes of 10-60 nanometers, and good transparency. The products have more typical colloidal characteristics, and their appearance is a semi transparent to transparent viscous colloid. The microstructure of the colloidal particles is feather like, positively charged, non-toxic, odorless, non volatile, and non flammable. After high-temperature dehydration, they generate active alumina or high-purity alumina.



CY   L10B

















This aluminum sol has characteristics such as adhesive viscosity, thixotropy, easy dispersibility, water solubility reversibility, suspension, positive charge, adsorption, and stability.


It can be widely used as a molding binder for high-temperature and refractory materials such as petrochemical catalysts, aluminum silicate fibers and ceramics, an additive for ceramic enamel glaze, an antistatic agent for velvet making and electrostatic weaving and flocking, a film-forming agent and antistatic agent for textile and fiber product treatment, a precision cast alumina casting material, an emulsifier and stabilizer for pigments and coatings, a surface treatment agent for photo paper, a greenhouse anti fog agent, a waterproof agent, etc. It can also be used in various industries such as inorganic fibers, active alumina, high-purity alumina, enamel, daily necessities, papermaking, etc.

By utilizing the adhesive, film-forming, and wear resistance of aluminum sol, it can be used as an adhesive for inorganic fibers such as glass fibers, asbestos, and ceramic fibers, and can form any shape.

Ceramic paper can be made using aluminum sol and silica gel fibers, etc

Mixing aluminum sol with refractory powder or inorganic fibers can make heat-resistant coating materials, cast refractory materials, and spray materials of any viscosity.

Adding it to the manufacturing of ceramic utensils not only does not reduce the fire resistance of raw materials, but also increases the strength of the green body, making it possible to produce various ceramic products

In textile fibers, it can increase smoothness, improve impact resistance, and enhance wear resistance

Used in the papermaking industry to improve the smoothness, whiteness, and humidity resistance of paper, and can also be used as a surface treatment adhesive for processed paper

Can be used as a cationic emulsifier

Can be used to prepare catalyst carriers or molecular sieves

Can be used for transparent coatings, fluorescent lamp coatings, and lamp adhesive coatings

Packaging: 25kg/barrel

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