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Ink specific nano silica CY-SP30K Jiupeng

型号 : CY-SP30K




Ink specific nano silica

The nano silica CY-SP30K used in modified advanced ink has excellent hydrophobicity and lipophilicity after surface modification, and can be well dispersed in non-polar and weakly polar organic solvents, and dispersed to a transparent state in the ink system.

Technical indicators:


White powder



Average particle size, nm


Specific surface area, m2/g


Nano silica content,%

ninety-nine point eight

PH value


Oil absorption value, ml/g


Application features:

1. Adding to systems such as ink, coatings, plastics, and resins does not affect the viscosity of the system.

2. It has good aging resistance and high temperature resistance, improves the stability of ink and pigment, and improves pigment dispersion.

3. It can significantly improve the strength, hardness, wear resistance and other mechanical properties of ink, improve ink adhesion, anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti precipitation, and prevent foaming.

Application scope:

1. Coatings: anti-aging ink, functional ink, inorganic ink.

2. Plastics: Various plastics such as PE and PC.

3. Ceramics: Various functional ceramics.

4. Textile: Antibacterial textile, functional textile.

Packaging: 10kg/bag

Storage: Store in a closed, dry and cool place

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