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Nano-silica cement concrete special cy-SH30 Jiupeng

Nano-silica cement concrete special cy-SH30 Jiupeng
type : cy-SH30
price :
product name : 九朋

Nano silica

Product model: special for coment concrete

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The strength of traditional cement-based is low, adding a certain amount of nano silica instead of a part of ordinary concrete binder, thereby improving the performance of concrete. Through special nano treatment, the surface energy of nano silica is higher, and it is easy to form a combination bond with hydration products in cement stones to produce CSH gel,and nano silica has special network structure, on the base of original network structure of cement paste can estabilish a new network, thereby forming a three- demensional network,which can greatly improve the physical and mechanical performance and durability of cement paste. Therefore, nano silica can be applied to high-strength cement-based pavement material.

Nano silica Technical indicators:




white powder



Average particle size,nm




Surface treatment

Nano-treatment agent

Nano silica purity %

≥ 99.5

Apparent density(g/L)


PH Value


Burning weightlessness (%)950℃x2h


Nano silica aplacation:

1. The compressive and flexural strength of cement mortar can be improved by adding nano-silica into cement mortar.

2. can reduce the slump and expansion of concrete.

3. can increase the self-shrinkage strain of concrete; improve the anti-CI-permeability and

anti-freeze durability of concrete.

4. can improve the transition interface structure between aggregate and paste in concrete.

5. It is recommand that nano silica material be mixed in liquid water reducing agent and

then agitated with other materials.

Add amount: It is recommended to add 2-5%, users can test according to their actual situation and choose the best added value.

Packing: 10kg/bag 

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