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Nanosilica alcohol solution CY-S01C jiupeng

Nanosilica alcohol solution CY-S01C jiupeng
type : CY-S01C
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product name : 九朋

Nano silica

Product model: alcohol solution

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  Nano silica is non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, small particle size, large specific surface area, and has a large number of unsaturated bonds and hydroxyl groups in different bonding states on the surface, so the properties of the original materials will be changed obviously when they are added to many materials. Therefore, it has a wide application prospect in many industrial fields.

Nano silica technical indicators




Milky white liquid





Average particle size(nm)


UV reflectance(%)



according to customer requirements

Recommand dosage: 

 Due to the wide range of the application in this product range,  the amount of addition for different systems varies greatly. From 0.5 to 20%. The specific amount is determined by the user through experiments.

Nano silica application range and role

1. Application in coating: nanometer silica has been widely used in various coatings, can prevent caking, anti-flow hanging, but also can provide emulsifier, fluidization, extinction, support, suspension, thickening, thixotropic agent, etc.

2. Applications in adhesives and sealants. Mainly provide the following functions: thickening, thixotropy and fluidity control, increase adhesive strength, improve heat resistance, ensure free flow, prevent caking, maintain transparency, prevent sagging, reinforcement, shear resistance, etc.

3. Use as a reinforcing agent in rubber.

4. Used in plastics. Because nano-silica has the special functions of thickening, thixotropic and suspending in liquid state, adding polyester resin, epoxy resin and vinyl resin can improve product quality and facilitate molding and processing.

5. Application in light industrial products. In food, it mainly provides thickening, suspending, anti-caking, and beer preservation functions; in cosmetics applications, it is mainly used for face cream, powder, talcum powder, shampoo, hair dye and so on.

6. In medicine, pesticide applications: can be used in various pharmaceutical fillers, thickening, suspension, carrier role.

7. Used in lubricants.

8. Military industry: used in invisible coatings, armored composite materials.

9. Used in special catalyst carriers.

10. For agricultural seed treatment agents, it can shorten the ripening period and increase output.

Packing: 25kg/barrel

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