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Nano zinc oxide (catalyst only) CY-JH05 Jiupeng

Nano zinc oxide (catalyst only) CY-JH05 Jiupeng
type : CY-JH05
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product name : 九朋

Nano zinc oxide (catalyst only)

Product model: CY-JH05  

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This product is prepared by nanocrystalline zinc oxide containing anatase through lattice infiltration of titanium, and then its special surface treatment makes its alkali weakened, and it is easy to disperse in water-based and oily systems. It will not be layered or precipitated for a long time. It has special effects such as UV resistance, photocatalysis and sterilization. The product is non-toxic and harmless, and is the preferred nano zinc oxide for a new type of photocatalytic product. It is found that the nano-zinc oxide containing anatase prepared by nanocrystalline titanium oxide is 5-10 times stronger than that of nano-titanium dioxide p25 under visible light. It can decompose organic matter, formaldehyde, dye, etc. under indoor light conditions, so nano-oxidation The application of zinc in catalytic purification is worthy of our attention.

Technical indicators:






White powder



Dry reduction﹪


The average particle size nm


Products feature:

    1. Easy to disperse into the aqueous system to form a highly dispersed, uniform and stable dispersion system.

     2. Small particle size, high purity, large specific surface area and high activity, which greatly exerts the performance of nano materials.

3. It can be used in the interior and exterior wall emulsion coatings to make the coating have the functions of shielding ultraviolet rays, absorbing infrared rays and sterilizing and mildewproof.

4. In the paint, transparent rubber, latex and plastic industries, nano zinc oxide can increase product strength and compactness, adhesion and smoothness.

5. It is a very strong photocatalyst. It is capable of decomposing organic substances, antibacterial and deodorizing under ultraviolet light and used in environmentally friendly coatings.

   The dispersion realizes that the nano material in the product exists in a single nano particle

state, and the customer can use the real nano material and use the nano effect to greatly

improve the performance of the product. Solve the current customer to buy materials at the nano price, because the agglomeration is not well dispersed, only the performance of ordinary materials.

Packing: 25 kg / barrel.

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