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Nano silica transparent dispersion CY-S01 Jiupeng silica sol

型号 : CY-S01



Nano silica is non-toxic, odorless, and pollution-free, with small particle size and large specific surface area. There are a large number of unsaturated bonds and hydroxyl groups in different bonding states on the surface. Adding it to many materials will cause significant changes in the original material properties. Hangzhou Jiupeng uses a special process to produce nanometer silica dispersion (CY-S01), which has good adhesion, high temperature resistance, film-forming, gel and charging properties, and can be widely used in various industries.

Technical indicators of nano silica:

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Application scope and function of nano silica products:

1. Coatings: Nano silica dispersion (CY-S01) has been widely used in various coatings, with unique water resistance, fire resistance, washability, and stain resistance; It can prevent clumping and sagging, as well as provide emulsifiers, fluidization, extinction, support, suspension, thickening, thixotropic agents, etc.

2. In adhesives and sealants: thickening, thixotropy, and flowability control, increase bonding strength, improve temperature resistance, ensure free flow, prevent clumping, maintain transparency, prevent sagging, reinforcement, shear resistance, etc.

3. Refractory materials: Due to the excellent energy-saving and high temperature resistance of nano silica dispersion (CY-S01), it is widely used as insulation material in thermal and industrial equipment such as process furnaces. It has the advantages of high demolding strength, stable high-temperature volume, and good high-temperature thermal shock resistance. It can also be used to prepare equipment that is resistant to strong acids.

4. Textile industry: Using nano silica dispersion (CY-S01) and wool oil to treat wool can improve its preventability, reduce breakage, prevent flying flowers, and increase the yield of finished products; Used in light yarn sizing, it can improve the adhesion of the sizing material and is easy to drop, shortening the drying time, etc; It can improve the anti-static ability of the fuzz. The textiles treated with nano silica dispersion (CY-S01) have the advantages of extinction, anti slip, wear resistance, washing resistance, pollution resistance, and anti-static.

5. Paper industry: Mixing nano silica dispersion (CY-S01) with photosensitive night treatment can make photosensitive paper and paperboard smooth, with vivid images and increased exposure range. A pre coating used for printing paper, copying paper, and offset paper, which can make the paper surface smooth, image contrast clear, and have good contrast. It can improve the slip resistance of paper, reduce sliding during transportation and stacking, improve the moisture resistance and strength of paper products, have high stability and slip resistance, and good printability.

6. Precision casting: Due to its excellent adhesion, low shrinkage, and excellent glass phase transformation at high temperatures, the nano silica dispersion (CY-S01) is widely used in the precision casting industry.

7. Polishing solution: Nano silica dispersion (CY-S01) has the characteristics of small particle size, high concentration, and good dispersibility. When used in polishing solution, chemical action is mainly used. By adding chelating agents and surfactants, traditional problems such as surface roughness, waviness, and surface defects can be solved.

Suggested dosage of nano silica: Due to the wide application range of this product series, the amount added to different systems varies greatly, ranging from 2% to 30%. The specific dosage is determined by the user through experiments.

Storage of nano silica: Sealed in a dry and cool place, with a storage temperature of 5-30 ℃ guaranteed

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