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Nano lanthanum oxide CY-La01 Jiupeng

Nano lanthanum oxide CY-La01 Jiupeng
型号 : CY-La01

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Nano lanthanum oxide is a white powder. Density 6.51g/cm3. Melting point 2217 ℃. Boiling point 4200 ℃. Slightly soluble in water and easily soluble in acids to form corresponding salts. Exposed to the air, it is easy to absorb carbon dioxide and water, gradually turning into lanthanum carbonate. The burning lanthanum oxide reacts with water to release a large amount of heat.

English name: Nanometer Lanthanum Oxide Molecular formula: La2O3

CAS#:1312-81-8                    Relative density: 6.51g/cm3


Technical indicators:




White powder




ninety-nine point nine nine

Nucleus size nm


Specific surface area m2/g

one hundred and twenty-five

CeO2≤ ppm


Pr6O11 ≤ ppm


Nd2O3≤ ppm


Sm2O3≤ ppm


Y2O3≤ ppm



1. Nano lanthanum oxide is applied to piezoelectric materials to increase the piezoelectric coefficient of the product and improve its electrical energy conversion rate.

2. Nano lanthanum oxide is used to manufacture precision optical glass, high refractive optical fiberboard, and various alloy materials;

3. Nano lanthanum oxide is used as a catalyst for preparing organic chemical products and as a catalyst for neutralizing automotive exhaust emissions; Nano lanthanum oxide can effectively catalyze the thermal decomposition of absorbent drugs and potentially improve the burning rate of propellants, making it a promising catalyst.

4. Nano lanthanum oxide is applied to light conversion agricultural films, utilizing its high photoelectric conversion efficiency, effectively utilizing weak light sources, and saving energy losses.

5. Nano lanthanum oxide is applied to electroformed electrode materials. Adding 0.2% -0.5% nano lanthanum oxide can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of electroformed electrode materials and reduce electrode losses;

6. Nano lanthanum oxide is applied in luminescent materials (blue powder), hydrogen storage materials, and laser materials;

Packaging: Double layer plastic bag sealed, 50 kg/barrel

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