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High temperature resistant anti-corrosion coating CY-C Jiupeng

High temperature resistant anti-corrosion coating CY-C Jiupeng
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High temperature resistant anticorrosive coating


Hangzhou jiupeng new material


The water-based inorganic nano-scale oxide coating developed by our company is resistant to high temperatures above 700-1200 °C and is stable.

The characteristics of inorganic materials such as wear resistance and flame resistance. Pencil hardness up to 6-9H, and nano-scale fine particle filming

Good, wide applicability, excellent adhesion to various materials, new ceramic coating, transparent hardening and wear resistance

Good material for the coating.


High temperature resistant nano-aluminum, nano-titanium oxide, nano-zirconium and the like. All nano inorganic ingredients!







400 defense line

600defense line

800defense line

Fire line

Temperature resistance

400 degrees

600 degrees

800 degrees




l High surface hardness, (pencil hardness up to 8-9H), friction resistance, high transparency, good heat resistance, (700 ° C - 1000 ° C), hydrophobic, anti-fouling, weathering resistance, radiation resistance, coating film is very dense, It can be waterproof and oil resistant.

l The product is water-based, environmentally-friendly, heated without gas volatilization, non-sticky, non-sticky.

l The product also has excellent electrical insulation properties, and its high frequency electrical properties are also very good, decorative properties.

 l The construction process can be applied at low cost by means of low temperature heating.

4.Product function:

   1. This series can withstand high temperatures up to 1000-1500 degrees.

   2. It has strong high temperature resistance, anti-oxidation and prolongs the service life of metal.

   3, heat insulation effect. Energy saving: heat insulation, heat preservation

   4, brushing on the wear-resistant metal parts, drying, into a dense ceramic, wear-resistant to prevent metal pollution.

   5, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion protection of the object to be coated.

   6, all inorganic, water-based, no organic pollution.

   7, with anti-friction, anti-aging, radiation resistance, low temperature is not embrittled, hydrophobic, moisture-proof.

5.The main purpose:

   1. Applying plexiglass, polycarbonate and other materials to improve wear resistance and UV radiation resistance. It is recommended as a surface protection film for aircraft glass, automotive glass, sunglasses, optical instruments, electronic instrument displays, etc.

   2. Coating metal components such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel can effectively prevent corrosion.

   3, as a paper and ceramic glazing paint (such as poker, trademarks, book covers, etc.) can make it smooth, wearable and waterproof, increase flexibility and flexibility.

   4. Insulating coatings for electronic and electrical components under high temperature and high humidity conditions such as high frequency coils.

   5, instead of latex paint for the interior of the high-grade decorative coating, smooth wear and long life.

   6. Other applications that are not yet developed and to be developed.


Plastic container sealed packaging, 1.5kg per bottle; 6kg per barrel, 20kg per barrel

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