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Nanometer yttrium oxide dispersion CY-Y01H Jiupeng

Nanometer yttrium oxide dispersion CY-Y01H Jiupeng
型号 : CY-Y01H

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Nano yttrium oxide has extremely strong optical, electrical, magnetic properties, superconductivity, high chemical activity, etc., which greatly improves the performance and function of materials. It is used in high-tech fields such as optical materials, light-emitting materials, crystal materials, magnetic materials, battery materials, electronic ceramics, engineering ceramics, catalysts, etc. Our company uses internationally advanced dispersion technology to make nano yttrium oxide dispersion solution, which has good dispersion and stability and does not layer. In addition to the characteristics of nano powder, it also has higher activity, easy addition, and other characteristics to solve the problem of poor dispersion of customers. This product is widely used in industries such as ceramics, alloys, optical glass, etc.

Product features:




White slightly yellow dispersion



Average particle size (nm)


PH value


Nanometer yttrium oxide content (%)


Stability: can be diluted many times while still maintaining transparency and stability; Long term placement of monodisperse nanoparticles that remain in a distributed state.


1. Additives for steel and non-ferrous alloys. FeCr alloys typically contain 0.5% to 4% nano yttrium oxide, which can enhance the oxidation resistance and ductility of these stainless steels; After adding an appropriate amount of rich nano yttrium oxide mixed rare earth to MB26 alloy, the overall performance of the alloy is significantly improved, and it can replace some medium strength aluminum alloys for use in aircraft load-bearing components; Adding a small amount of nano yttrium oxide rare earth to Al Zr alloy can improve the conductivity of the alloy; This alloy has been adopted by most domestic wire factories; Adding nano yttrium oxide to copper alloys improves conductivity and mechanical strength.

2. Silicon nitride ceramic materials containing 6% nano yttrium oxide and 2% aluminum can be used to develop engine components.

3. A high nano yttrium oxide structural alloy containing 90% nano gadolinium oxide can be applied in aviation and other applications that require low density and high melting point.

4. A high temperature proton conducting material containing 90% nano yttrium oxide can be used in the production of fuel cells, electrolytic cells, and gas sensing components that require high hydrogen solubility.

Packaging: 6kg/barrel, 25kg/barrel

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