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Nano antibacterial liquid  CY-T07L jiupeng

Nano antibacterial liquid  CY-T07L jiupeng
type : CY-T07L
price :
product name : 九朋

Nano Antibacterial Liquid


Hangzhou jiupeng new material


Main ingredient:Nano titanium oxide silver exchanger

Technical indicator:




white powder

Main ingredient

nano titanium oxide silver exchanger

Average perticle size(nm)


PH(1:10 aqueous dispersion)




Solid content%


Effective content%


Heavy metal(In terms of lead)、mg/kg


arsenic   mg/kg


Products feature:

1Nano antibacterial agents not only has the function of antibacterial, anti-virus, degradating bacterial and organic substances under the visible light and ultraviolent light of nano tatinium itself, but also has strong antibacterial and antiviral action of nano silver in the absence of light source.

2.Nano antibacterial agents can kill bacteria and viruses, and can completely decompose bacteria and virus residues by photocatalysis.

3Nano antibacterial agent has strong antibacterial ability in absence of light, a wide range of bacterial, a

long-lasting bacterial effect, and a stable and long-lasting release rate of silver ions.

4Nano antibacterial agent has fine particles and is monodisperse nanoparticles with uniform particle size.

5.The nano antibacterial agent has high heat resistance temperature, can withstand 1000 ° C, It does not

change color for a long time and is always pure white. Nano antibacterial agents are safe, non-toxic, non-

volatile, non-dissolving, no pollution to the environment and meet the standards of the Ministry of Health.

6Nano antibacterial agent do not have the problem of organic antibacterial agents flowing out.

7Nano antibacterial agent has minimal effect on the transparency or color of the article.

8.Nano antibacterial agent is acid and alkaliresistant,washing-resistant,no aging,and bacteria does not produce resistant.




1、All kinds of plastics, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, cameras, telephones, computer keyboards, power switches, home appliances.

2、Chemical building materials: cement, paint, paint, wallpaper, decorative materials, etc.

3、Chemical fiber, clothing, underwear, shoes, socks, gloves, towels, etc.

4、Paper products: toilet paper, sanitary napkins, office paper, student paper, etc.

5、Various toys, stationery, daily necessities, packaging products, etc.

6、Health care: hospital facilities, operating rooms, medical equipment, such as syringes, infusion sets, sterile clothing, etc.

Dosage:use 1-5%


本纳米抗菌剂 杀菌效果好,长效抗菌用途广泛,具有抗菌、防霉杀菌净化功能,对真菌、大肠杆菌、金黄色葡萄球、乙肝病毒、口蹄疫、炭疽等细菌病毒抑杀率达99.9%以上。且无任何毒无副作用。

Packing specification:25kg/barrel or on request

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