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High catalytic activity nano titanium dioxide CY05 Jiupeng

High catalytic activity nano titanium dioxide CY05 Jiupeng
type : CY05
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product name : 九朋

High catalytic activity nano titanium dioxide

Product model: CY05  

Product Features:

1. The particle size is very small: the particle size is less than 5 nm and does not agglomerate.

2. good dispersion performance: This nano-titanium dioxide dispersion performance is very good, put it into the water and shake it gently, it can immediately melt into a transparent liquid, can be sprayed onto the furniture surface, the wall, forming a uniform transparent Nano-coating, which plays a role in purifying indoor air.

3. High catalytic activity: The catalytic activity of this nano-titanium dioxide has been tested and compared, and the catalytic activity of nano-titanium dioxide with the best catalytic performance is 30 times higher than that of the current market. It can quickly capture and decompose indoor formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful gases, and has a good deodorizing effect.

4. the use of cost-effective: per 100g nano-titanium dioxide powder, can be made into 20 kg of nano photocatalyst liquid, suitable for home decoration, public facilities construction, excellent quality, low price, easy to use.

Technical indicators:



Type  CY


Powder appearance

White powder

The appearance of dissolved in water

transparent liquid

Particle size




Surface properties



Dissolve 100g of powder directly into 20kg of purified water, or distilled water, deionized water, etc., to make a 0.5% aqueous solution, spray directly on the wall, home surface, and car interior.

Usage: 1 liter of aqueous solution can be sprayed 100-150 square meters.

Packing: 100G / can

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