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CY-AL3 Jiupeng, a high-temperature resistant and heat-insulating coating above 1500 degrees Celsius

型号 : CY-AL3



High temperature resistant and heat-insulating coating above 1500 degrees Celsius

CY-AL3 is a high-temperature resistant coating developed by our company. It has the following purposes:

Product function:

1. High temperature resistance can reach 1500 degrees

2. Has strong thermal insulation effect. Energy saving: The effect of thermal insulation

3. Anti corrosion, the anti-corrosion protection of the coated object.

4. All inorganic, water-based, without organic pollution. Excluding harmful substances such as VOC, free formaldehyde, lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, etc., it is environmentally friendly and meets national environmental quality standards.

1、 Composition: High temperature resistant nano alumina, nano titanium oxide, nano zirconia, etc. All nano inorganic components, no organic matter!

2、 Features and uses: Room temperature curing, but better performance after drying at 180 ℃. The operating temperature can reach over 1500 degrees. Mainly used for protective coating of mechanical equipment, metal components, and ceramics used under high temperature conditions. Can be used for high-temperature resistance and thermal insulation protection of steel, ceramics, cement, and other materials.

3、 Technical indicators:

项      目

指      标



粘度(涂-4)25℃, s



25± 1°C),h







附着力, 大于




4、 High temperature resistant paint construction reference:

1. During construction, adjust the viscosity of the paint solution with water.

2. The surface of the coated material must be cleaned and coated within 24 hours to avoid affecting adhesion.

4. High temperature paint is best dried to obtain good mechanical properties.

5. The storage period is one year. Expired products must pass inspection before they can continue to be used.

5、 Storage, transportation, and safety:

Storage: Sealed and stored in a dry and ventilated place, with a storage period of one year

Declaration: Our company guarantees that its products are free from defects in materials and manufacturing processes. But the use of coatings is usually beyond our control.

Packaging: 1.5kg per barrel; 6kg per barrel, 30kg per barrel

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