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Nanometer yttrium oxide CY-Y01 Jiupeng

Nanometer yttrium oxide CY-Y01 Jiupeng
型号 : CY-Y01

yttrium oxide

essential information:

English name: Nanometer Yttrium Oxide CAS #: 1314-36-9

Molecular formula: Y2O3 Density: 5.01 g/cm3

Dissolution: insoluble in water and alkali, soluble in acid.

Technical indicators:






White slightly yellowish powder

Particle size nm


Density g/cm3

five point zero one


ninety-nine point nine nine

La2O3 ≤ ppm


CeO2   ≤ ppm


Pr6O11   ≤ ppm


Nd2O3   ≤ ppm


Sm2O3   ≤ ppm


Eu2O3   ≤ ppm



1. Additives for steel and non-ferrous alloys. FeCr alloys typically contain 0.5% to 4% nano yttrium oxide, which can enhance the oxidation resistance and ductility of these stainless steels; After adding an appropriate amount of rich nano yttrium oxide mixed rare earth to MB26 alloy, the overall performance of the alloy is significantly improved, and it can replace some medium strength aluminum alloys for use in aircraft load-bearing components; Adding a small amount of nano yttrium oxide rare earth to Al Zr alloy can improve the conductivity of the alloy; This alloy has been adopted by most domestic wire factories; Adding nano yttrium oxide to copper alloys improves conductivity and mechanical strength.

2. Silicon nitride ceramic materials containing 6% nano yttrium oxide and 2% aluminum can be used to develop engine components.

3. Use a 400 watt nano neodymium oxide aluminum garnet laser beam to perform mechanical processing such as drilling, cutting, and welding on large components.

4. The fluorescence screen of an electron microscope composed of Y-Al garnet single crystals has high fluorescence brightness, low absorption of scattered light, good resistance to high temperature and mechanical wear.

5. A high nano yttrium oxide structural alloy containing 90% nano gadolinium oxide can be applied in aviation and other applications that require low density and high melting point.

6. A high temperature proton conducting material containing 90% nano yttrium oxide can be used in the production of fuel cells, electrolytic cells, and gas sensing components that require high hydrogen solubility.

In addition, nano yttrium oxide is also used as a high-temperature resistant spray material, a diluent for nuclear reactor fuel, an additive for permanent magnet materials, and as an air absorbent in the electronics industry.

Packaging: 10 kg/bag

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