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Coating wear-resistant and toughened special nano-alumina CY-L30H/S

type : CY-L30H/S
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product name : 九朋

Coating wear-resistant and toughened special nano-alumina CY-L30H/ S

Supply uniform particle size high purity alumina coating scratch and wear resistant

Jiu Peng nano-alumina has excellent wear resistance and is widely used in paint and paint fields.

The addition of 10-20% nano-alumina can greatly improve the wear resistance and scratch resistance of

the coating, which is 2 to 5 times higher than that of the conventional coating. Widely used in abrasion resistant paints, coatings and inks.

Basic information: CAS#: 1344-28-1

Nano-alumina, molecular formula: Al2O3, molecular weight: 101.96, melting point: 2050 ° C,

boiling point: 2980 ° C

Technical indicators:





white powder

white powder

Surface properties



Pretreatment content﹪ ≥



BET m2/g



The average particle size (nm)




  1. Anti-scratch and scratch resistance: After adding nano-alumina to the paint, it can form a very fine,

uniform and very hard network structure on the paint surface to protect the underlying polymer paint layer from damage. The anti-scratch performance of the paint is three times higher than the original paint,

and is widely used in automotive paints, etc.

   2. Wear resistance: The excellent wear resistance of nano-alumina is widely used in the field of

paint and paint. Adding 5-10% of nano-alumina to the coating can greatly improve the wear resistance of

the coating, which is 2 to 4 times higher than the wear resistance of the traditional coating. Widely used in furniture lacquer, etc.

   3. Tolerance: The tolerance test of nano-paints was tested on various automotive parts under

laboratory conditions. Since 2001, tests have been carried out on test vehicles, such as car wash tests, which are scrubbed on nano-painted cars with a car wash containing a certain amount of quartz sand In the test, washing 10 times is equivalent to washing 50 to 100 cars in real life. After 10 such car wash tests, the residual gloss of ordinary paint is only 35%, while the residual gloss of nano paint is still above 70%, and there is basically no scratch.

   4. Improve hardness: Adding nano-aluminum oxide can significantly improve the hardness of

the coating. It can reach 6-7H by adding about 20%.

   5. Transparency: Does not affect the transparency of the coating.                           6. Suitable system: oily acrylic resin, oily polyurethane, petroleum resin, unsaturated resin

and various inks, waterborne polyurethane, waterborne acrylic resin, etc.

Addition amount: The recommended addition amount is 2-10%. The user can determine the optimal

addition amount according to different systems. It is recommended to grind for 2 hours before adding the coating, or grinding with other base materials during pulping.

Packing: 20kg/bag

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