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Anti corrosion, thermal insulation, and zirconia coating

Anti corrosion, thermal insulation, and zirconia coating
型号 : cy-R30C

Nano zirconia dispersion slurry for anti-corrosion, thermal insulation and thermal insulation coatings

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essential information:


Nano zirconia has special optical properties, with a reflectivity of over 85% for ultraviolet long wave, medium wave, and infrared. After drying, the nano zirconia coating tightly fills the gaps between the coatings, forming a complete air insulation layer. Its low thermal conductivity can force the heat transfer time in the coating to increase, making the zirconia coating also have a lower thermal conductivity, thereby improving the insulation performance of the coating. Taking into account various performance factors, the optimal comprehensive effect is achieved when the addition amount (solid content) of nano zirconia is 4.5 ‰ of the formula mass

Reflective thermal insulation coating, mainly composed of nano zirconia particles, has an extremely low thermal conductivity. This type of interior wall thermal insulation coating can be applied thinly to the interior of buildings by 3mm, which can increase the indoor temperature by more than 3 ℃ in winter. The insulation inhibition rate can be increased by 90%, and the energy saving rate can reach over 80%. This can completely solve the problem of wall water droplets and mold.

Technical indicators

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40%|   、20%







二氧化钛(TiO2) %








Application scope:

1. Nano zirconia can be used in high-strength, high toughness and wear-resistant products, such as mill liners, cutting tools, drawing dies, hot extrusion molds, nozzles, valves, balls, pump parts, and various sliding components.

2. Zirconia functional ceramics, structural ceramics: electronic ceramics, bioceramics

3. Zirconia reflective thermal insulation coating

4. Thoroughly solve the occurrence of wall water droplets and mold

5. Nano zirconia can also be used as refractory materials: electronic ceramic sintering support pads, refractory materials for melting glass and metallurgical metals; The application in high-tech fields is expanding day by day.

6. Various oily coatings and paints. Improving wear resistance, used in functional coating materials with anti-corrosion and antibacterial effects, enhancing wear resistance and fire resistance.

25 kg/barrel

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