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Ultrafine zirconia CY-R80 Jiupeng

Ultrafine zirconia CY-R80 Jiupeng
type : CY-R80
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product name : 九朋

                                      Ultrafine zirconia                                


Basic information:CAS#:1314-23-4              


  Nano zirconia is a white solid with a molecular weight of 123.22, a melting point of 2397 ° C, a boiling point of 4275 ° C, a high hardness, an insulator at normal temperature, and excellent electrical conductivity at high temperatures.

   Nano zirconia has the characteristics of strong thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance, good chemical stability and outstanding material composite. The combination of nano-zirconia with other materials (Al2O3, SiO2) can greatly improve the performance parameters of the material and improve its fracture toughness and flexural strength. Therefore, nano-zirconium dioxide is not only used in the field of structural ceramics and functional ceramics, but also to improve the surface properties (thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance, etc.) of metallic materials. Utilizing nano-zirconia to dope the conductive properties of different elements for electrode fabrication in high performance solid cells.

   The ceramics sintered by nano-zirconia powder has become one of the main structural ceramics due to its good properties of phase transformation and toughening. In the research of nanocomposites, nano-zirconium dioxide has been used as a diffusion-resistant matrix to enhance and toughen. Significant effect; stable nano-zirconia as an ideal electrolyte has been widely used in solid oxide fuel cells.

Technical indicators:



Particle size




Ferric oxide(Fe2O3)(%)


Silica(SiO2) %


Titanium dioxide (TiO2) %


Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)%


Sodium oxide(Na2O)%


Calcium Oxide(CaO)%


Nano zirconia application range:

   1. Functional coating material: It has anti-corrosion and anti-bacterial effects added to the coating to improve wear resistance and fire resistance.

   2. Zirconium dioxide can be used in high-strength, high-toughness wear-resistant products: mill lining, cutting tools, wire drawing dies, hot extrusion dies, nozzles, balls, pump parts, various sliding parts, etc.

   3. Functional ceramics, structural ceramics: electronic ceramics, bioceramics

   4. Artificial gemstones Abrasive materials

   5. Zirconium dioxide can also be used for refractory materials: electronic ceramic burning support pads, fused glass, metallurgical metal refractories.

   6. Piezoelectric element. Oxygen varistor. Large capacity capacitor;

Packing: 25 kg per bag / barrel

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