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Nano alumina polishing powder/polishing liquid series CY-L Jiupeng

Nano alumina polishing powder/polishing liquid series CY-L Jiupeng
型号 : CY-L系列



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Laboratory Slice Analysis of Nano Alumina Aqueous Suspension Metallographic Polishing Liquid and Mobile Phone Ceramic Shell Polishing Liquid

Main use: Grinding and polishing Alkaline model pH: 9.8 ± 0. Acidic model pH: 2.8 ± 0.5 Neutral model pH: 6-8

The particle size includes nano alumina polishing powders such as W0.05, W0.1, W0.3, W0.5, W1.0, W2.0, W3.0, W5.0, W7.0, W10, water-based suspension, and metallographic polishing solution,

Content 30%, particle size W0.05, W0.1, a-alumina purity: 99.99%

Price 150, Large Discounts

Our aluminum oxide polishing solution is a grinding and polishing material produced using micrometer or nanoscale aluminum oxide as abrasive, combined with wetting agents, surfactants, dispersion stabilizers, and adjusters. Suitable for grinding and polishing various precision products, metallographic slicing, phone cases, etc.

The series of grinding and polishing materials developed and operated by the company are all selected abrasives, and advanced preparation processes ensure high-quality particles with equal volume shapes; The strict grading process ensures a high proportion of particles with actual and nominal sizes, and their particle size composition is higher than the national standard particle size range requirements. All these grinding and polishing materials have a complete range of particle sizes and varieties to meet various user requirements.

Through process, equipment, and process control, it is ensured that the high-purity nano alumina polishing solution has the following superior performance:

1. Stable crystal phase, high hardness, small and evenly distributed particles, and good suspension stability;

2. Strong grinding force, fast polishing, bright brightness, and good mirror effect;

3. High grinding efficiency and good polishing effect. The grinding efficiency is much higher than soft abrasives such as silica, and the surface smoothness is better than the polishing effect of white corundum. It has strong cutting force, fast light output, and can throw out uniform and bright Xingze.

4. Widely applicable, easy to clean after polishing.

Aluminum oxide polishing solution and grinding materials are suitable for high-precision grinding and surface treatment of metallographic, petrographic, and composite materials

1. Phone case, ceramic, glass, crystal, optical glass, etc. Vibration polishing (machine polishing, rolling polishing), manual polishing (grinding polishing), etc. Artificial gemstones, natural gemstones, zircon, jade, jadeite, agate.

2. Semiconductors such as monocrystalline silicon wafers, piezoelectric crystallography, optical crystals, optical glass, optical plastics, computer hard drives, optical lenses, single core fiber optic connectors, microcrystalline glass substrates

3. Grinding and polishing of metal surfaces such as aluminum, copper, and stainless steel.

4. Automotive paint polishing, resin polishing, etc., surface polishing of paint, acrylic, and non-ferrous metals.

5. Scratch removal: Scratches and scratches on gemstones, jewelry, microcrystalline glass, aluminum plates, steel plates, plastic shells, acrylic, etc; Minor scratches on the surface paint of cars, ships, and other vehicles can be quickly polished without any scratches by applying a small amount of polishing solution and polishing back and forth with a sponge cloth or polishing pad.

Recommended matching use: Our company's metallographic polishing lubricating coolant provides a more perfect polishing effect for the sample.

Usage and dosage:

The recommended dosage is 1-20%, and users should determine the optimal dosage based on different systems through experiments.

To prevent slight sedimentation, it is recommended to shake well before use.

When using, dilute with filtered clean water at different concentrations and according to the needs of different industries to modulate different concentrations.

Storage: This product needs to be stored above 0 ℃ to prevent clumping. It will become ineffective below 0 ℃ due to the formation of non dispersible clumping.


The product packaging includes: 200ml/bottle and 500ml/bottle. 1 L/bottle, 5 L/barrel, 20 L/barrel


项目             指标

型 号           CY-L20F    CY-L100F      CY-L30F         CY-L200F   

外   观        白色粉末    白色粉末      白色粉末        白色粉末

晶 型           Y           Y                  α相              α相

含 量﹪         ≥99.99     99.99         99.99             99

中位粒径D50   20nm      100nm        0.3um            3um

be careful:

1. Please do not immerse yourself in water.

2. Please do not touch with wet hands.

3. Please wear a dust cover, safety glasses, and protective gloves.

4. Please do not leak, and when it leaks, please clean it up immediately.

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