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Battery-specific nano-alumina  CY-L30D jiupeng

Battery-specific nano-alumina  CY-L30D jiupeng
type : CY-L30D
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Nano-alumina for battery


Hangzhou jiupeng new material

   Nano-alumina for lithium battery is a kind of nano-powder which is produced by our company according to

the performance of battery and battery material. It is produced by special processing technology with small particle size, uniformity, high purity and excellent surface performance. It is widely used in various lithium batteries. , alkaline batteries, solar cells, and other batteries, improve battery energy storage performance, safety performance, play a role in energy saving and environmental protection.

Technical indicators

Project                                                                   Indicator

Type                                                                        CY-L30D

Appearance                                                       White powder

Purity﹪                                                                   99.99

BET,m2/g                                                          180±30

Particle size nm                                                    30±5

PH                                                                             5.0-6.5

Heating reduction,%                                      ≤1.0

Burning weightlessness (%)                      ≤1.0

Application characteristics

1. Nano-alumina is used as electrode coating for lithium battery, which can effectively play the role of

heat insulation and insulation, and improve safety performance.

2. Doping aluminum to lithium cobaltate can form a solid solution, stabilize the crystal lattice, and improve the rate performance and cycle performance.

3. Coating lithium cobalt oxide with nano-alumina can improve thermal stability, improve cycle

performance and overcharge resistance, inhibit oxygen generation and decomposition of LiPF6,

avoid direct contact of LiCo02 with electrolyte, and reduce electrochemistry. The specific capacity loss, thereby increasing the electrochemical specific capacity of LiCoO2.

4. Doping of aluminum ions in nano-alumina can increase the voltage of the battery, thereby improving

the safety of battery use.

5. Nano-alumina is applied to the modified spinel lithium manganate material, and the

reversible capacity of the battery is up to 107mAh/g, and the cycle of 55C is 200 times. The capacity

retention rate is more than 90%, which is better than the international similar products. The first material that can be used in high power lithium ion batteries.

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